A Whole Bunch of iPhone 5S 5C Parodies

With the introduction of any new product comes the making of a new parody. The internet has always been doing this to almost everything. Apple’s iPhone is no stranger to such videos and infact is quite the popular topic for aspiring comedians, writers and videographers. The iPhone 5S and 5C have been introduced to us for almost a week already and the number of parodies made is absolutely astonishing. Here is a list of some of the more popular and funnier ones.

Banned iPhone 5S and 5C Promos

Introducing the iPhone 5S(ame)

iPhone 5C Leaked Promo

This is exactly how I feel about the “new” iPhones. Yes it is “new” and there are some additions to it feature wise but is it enough? Definitely not in my opinion. The fingerprint sensor is a neat touch but like most analysts say, we have to see how Apple implements and executes it before we go crazy about it. Now the iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 with a back casing. I mean comeon, seriously?

Also, I really don’t understand why Apple just cannot make a phone with a larger screen. Ever since using a 5.0 inch screen phone, I really can’t go back to anything other than that. The extra screen estate is absolutely amazing for web browsing, videos and general day to day usage. Since there’s a 5C why don’t have a 5XL or 5L or 5.0B(ig)? They certainly have the OS down already. Now all they need is to improve their hardware side of things.

With all the humor and laughter aside, these parodies do speak a certain amount of truth.

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  1. Thank yoi for the video – with the recent hysteria around the new iPhone and iOS7 they are really like a breath of fresh area. Still iPhone 5S looks interesting, while C – horrible is hte most mild word I can find for it

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