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New Year Resolution

2012, the year I will finally manage to succeed in fulfilling my New Year resolution. I’ve set many goals in the past, none of which I have even got closed to. This time around, I swear it will be different. This time around I will, with much confidence, succeed. Look, I’ve even gotten my resolution written down minutes before the New Year. This just shows my resolute and determined attitude. Continue reading

Into the Next Decade 2011

Happy new year everyone! Kind of late, again, I guess but nonetheless a decade has gone by just like that. Hope you had a fulfilling decade and year and as much as I would love to start talking about New Year resolutions and all that crap, I would like to share a rather interesting quote or sentence that I come across my twitter feed.
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New Year 2010

Happy New Year! I’m kind of late I guess… Anyways, the new year has finally arrived. Don’t really know if that is a good thing since school is about to start. Ah… the 3 months of break finally ending. That just reminded me, when exactly does school starts? I know it ain’t tomorrow but when exactly… Hmm… I think I better ask a friend before it is too late. As always when a new year arrives, we set ourselves with new goals, aims and expectations. Continue reading