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Revamping My Portfolio Site

Now that I’ve graduated, I think it is time to put my improved skills to work. Close to two years ago, I’ve launched my own personal portfolio site. It looked alright and I think it served the purpose to explain a little bit more about myself and allowed me to stand out (albeit slightly) from the rest in my internship interviews and whatnot. Continue reading

LeeQixian.com My Personal Portfolio Website

I’ve decided to put up a personal portfolio website on LeeQixian.com to document and showcase some of the works I’ve done so far. It will be the place where I’ll keep track of current, past and future projects that I am a part of. I’m very new to this web development industry so do let me know if you have any opportunities or advice for a newbie like me!

I still have about 2 years left before graduation. I should be increasing the tempo of personal projects and whatnot during these remaining schooling years. This site, SwiftWorld.net, will continue to be the place where I document my thoughts, publish guides, videos and everything else that interests me (as it has always been).