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Fifa 09 Ultimate Team DLC Review

Fifa 09 Ultimate Team Pack ShotI’ve just recently found out about the new Downloadable Content (DLC) for Fifa 09, the Ultimate Team mode, through my brother. Haven’t been in touch with gaming news and stuff because of the tremendous amount of school work I’ve gotten. Anyways, after purchasing it, a price tage of around $14 SGD I believe, I finally found the time to try it out. The Ultimate Team mode was most probably inspired and based around Fifa Online 2 (FO2: the free alternative of Online Gameplay for Fifa). The whole game basically revolves around the normal matches and cards. Yes, cards determine whether your players are improving, whether they will improve and of course how great your Team will be. Almost everything is based on cards, which is something new I would say (besides the concept appearing in FO2).

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The Story of The New Computer

If you’ve been following my twitter posts, or know my personally in life, you ought to realise how much I wanted a new computer (a desktop, not a laptop). I’ve longed for one since the day my laptop decided to tell me that “hey I’m old, so please stop trying to open more than 2 programmes at one shot!” (of course that is exaggerating). I’ve no earning power, therefore I’ve no spending power. The only money source that I had was my parents. Of course I tried my best bargaining so that it benefits both them and myself. I promised to try my best at my first term examinations and if I managed to do so, they would give me a budget of let say $2000 (A lot I know. My parents are that loving to their kids. Always feel guilty when I lose my cool and start shouting at them.) Continue reading

End of Term 1 Round Up 2009

acr1School’s term has ended. This in other words mean that it is time to do some reflections and thinking on both my own personal endeavors and well as that of the site. This term has been hectic for me. As of all term 1’s, time was much of the essences. Poor time management would mean handing homework late, failing to have adequate gaming time as well as the lack of sleep and rest. My time management skills are terrible and I’m in no way proud of it. Still I managed to pull through the 3 months and survived with average results. Although CCA wise there was the cancellation of the founder’s day parade, it was still as tough as ever for now I’ve become a senior and the planning of trainings etc are all done by me and the rest of the leaders. In addition, project work is extremely taxing for I had to travel to some centre every Monday and Tuesday to carry out the project. Continue reading

INDIE Review: Chains

If you’ve noticed, I’ve recently gone into indie gaming mainly because of 2 reasons. One, there haven’t been much releases for commercial games nor do I have the computer to play them at a respectable frame rate. Two, indie games usually provide original gameplay concepts that are addictive and fun. They are also much cheaper when compared to commercial games and this is an important factor due to the economic downturn. Today, I will be reviewing an indie game called “Chains” made by an individual called Ivan Trayko.

Chains Header

Chains is a puzzle game with a unique feel and distinctive vector graphics style. The object of the game is simple – to link adjacent bubbles of the same color into chains. As you progress through the physics-driven stages it becomes increasingly more challenging and your speed, strategy and skill will be put to the test.

Official site – Chains

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BloggerUnited.com – Bloggers’ Social Network

I’ve heard of MyBlogLog and blogcatalog before but never really had the motivation to sign up for either one of them. Webmasters and bloggers alike all recommend them for they bring people of similar interest together and so on. This thus results in making friends as well as having an increase of traffic. I don’t really know if they are similar to that of BloggerUnited but they all have that widget bar thingy to show you users that have just visited the site etc. BloggerUnited is a rather new startup, currently in Continue reading

IPod Touch Gaming Gift Guide 2008

Since everyone else is doing up gift guides for this and that, I decided that I ought to do one up as well. For mine, it will be for the IPod Touch or IPhone. I will be listing out games that are worthy of downloading and playing, with a twist. All games listed will have a price tag of $0.00. Hey the economy isn’t doing really well and free games don’t mean they are bad games, they are as great as the ones from 666 casino. Some of them play as well as those games you paid for! Without further ado, here are my 5 recommended games that you can give together with your well wishes for your friends and loved ones!

(In no particular order)

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