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iOS Fluid Football Review

Fluid Football (a.k.a Fluid Soccer in the US app store) is a tactical football game where it places you in preset match situations with the main objective is to score a goal. It is your task to come up with a plan and play to score. Each level provides different kinds of challenges and the way you score lies ultimately in your own strategy and tactic. It is a tactical football simulation where you control your whole team (the given number of players that is within the level) and play some fluid football. Continue reading

New Star Soccer 5 Review

New Star Soccer (NSS), a series that left me with much fond memories. I remembered reviewing the previous game a few years ago; NSS 4 was brilliant and so was NSS 3. NSS is a soccer/football simulation game where you play the life of a footballer. Whether you become a legend later solely depends on your skills and the way you manage your career and life. Back then the game offered something different from your bigger developers such as EA Sports and Konami with their FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) franchises respectively. Both of those games didn’t have a player simulation mode then. However in their recent few releases, Be a Pro (BAP) and Become A Legend (BAL) are modes that are well polished and provide much fun. With that said, how does NSS 5 fair against the big guns? Continue reading

PC Fifa 10 Review

FIFA 10 Cover ArtNOTE: The version I’m reviewing is the PC version. The score and comments given is solely for the PC version and have nothing to do with the portable mobile versions nor the console versions.

I still can remember myself reviewing Fifa 09 for the pc last year. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and not let them affect my review too much. Two years ago, they promised the Be A Pro mode for Fifa 09 but failed to deliver. This year, they didn’t promise to do anything and they were successful in doing so. Fifa 10 = Fifa 09. Yes fanboys, that is the sad truth. This year’s version is simply Fifa 09 with the squad updates. Even so, many of the last few transfers of the season isn’t even implemented in the game. Absolutely horrible and terrible. Continue reading

New Star Soccer Trials

Remember the review I did on New Star Soccer 4? Well if you aren’t convinced that it simulates a football player’s life much better than Fifa 09’s Be a Pro, you can either: Download the demo or play their mini flash game. Of course the latter is for the lazier souls. The flash game does not really show what the whole game is all about but it is a mini representation of a fraction of the full game. This ain’t no advertorial or anything, but just wanting to inform you guys about the game and such. Beautiful games ought to be shared. Don’t you agree?

New Star Soccer Flash Trial

New Star Soccer 4 Review

Ever dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player? Well perhaps you do not have the physique or the proper genes to become one in reality but with New Star Soccer 4 (NSS4), you can be one, digitally. It is just like the current Fifa 09 Be a Pro with a pinch of better simulation and much more depth into it. The major drawback of the game is the graphics. Well, sometimes graphics can be bad but the gameplay is so badass that it doesn’t even matter. That applies NSS4. Graphics are way backwards and is nothing compared to Fifa 09 but the way it focuses on your daily life and how your player develops, fabulous. If you read my Fifa 09 review before, you ought to know how much I whined about the Be a Pro being a Be a Legend. It lets you start of at the youngest age of 18 and only allow you to play up to around 4 or 5 seasons? You stick with the same team forever, no interaction with people etc etc. That’s bullshit. Still, it is a stepping stone and is indeed heading towards the correct direction. Enough about Fifa 09 and let us go onto why NSS4 is indeed a good game.

Continue reading