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PC Fifa 10 Review

FIFA 10 Cover ArtNOTE: The version I’m reviewing is the PC version. The score and comments given is solely for the PC version and have nothing to do with the portable mobile versions nor the console versions.

I still can remember myself reviewing Fifa 09 for the pc last year. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and not let them affect my review too much. Two years ago, they promised the Be A Pro mode for Fifa 09 but failed to deliver. This year, they didn’t promise to do anything and they were successful in doing so. Fifa 10 = Fifa 09. Yes fanboys, that is the sad truth. This year’s version is simply Fifa 09 with the squad updates. Even so, many of the last few transfers of the season isn’t even implemented in the game. Absolutely horrible and terrible. Continue reading

Fifa 2010 Attacking Trailer

This trailer applies only to console versions (PS3/X360), PC Users, I’m sorry but you’ve nothing like this. Yes, be disappointed, be sad. I was before, but now that I have the console version, I’m happier. In the video, the 360 movement doesn’t really look that 360 eh? Hmm, I wonder what tweaks they put into this version this time. Hope these tweaks are enough to justify it being sold as a new game and not just a patch or some sort. Video after the jump. Continue reading