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PC Fifa 10 Review

FIFA 10 Cover ArtNOTE: The version I’m reviewing is the PC version. The score and comments given is solely for the PC version and have nothing to do with the portable mobile versions nor the console versions.

I still can remember myself reviewing Fifa 09 for the pc last year. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and not let them affect my review too much. Two years ago, they promised the Be A Pro mode for Fifa 09 but failed to deliver. This year, they didn’t promise to do anything and they were successful in doing so. Fifa 10 = Fifa 09. Yes fanboys, that is the sad truth. This year’s version is simply Fifa 09 with the squad updates. Even so, many of the last few transfers of the season isn’t even implemented in the game. Absolutely horrible and terrible. Continue reading

Fifa 09 Ultimate Team DLC Review

Fifa 09 Ultimate Team Pack ShotI’ve just recently found out about the new Downloadable Content (DLC) for Fifa 09, the Ultimate Team mode, through my brother. Haven’t been in touch with gaming news and stuff because of the tremendous amount of school work I’ve gotten. Anyways, after purchasing it, a price tage of around $14 SGD I believe, I finally found the time to try it out. The Ultimate Team mode was most probably inspired and based around Fifa Online 2 (FO2: the free alternative of Online Gameplay for Fifa). The whole game basically revolves around the normal matches and cards. Yes, cards determine whether your players are improving, whether they will improve and of course how great your Team will be. Almost everything is based on cards, which is something new I would say (besides the concept appearing in FO2).

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PS3 Fifa 09 Review

fifa09boxartFifa 09 for the PC was rubbish. However, Fifa 09 for the consoles simply blooms with class and greatness. For once I felt that EA Sports had done a little something more to change the game for the better. The overall gameplay feels so much smoother and fun. Passing never felt this good before. Crossing becomes a greater asset for people who know how to make full use of it. Battles for the ball in air felt much less locked up and jostling is practically important if you want to win the header. In the previous series, Fifa 08 for example, I find myself spamming the button in order to head the ball. I had no idea how the heading system works and concluded that heading is based almost purely on luck. However, Fifa 09 changed my concept and understanding of challenging the ball whenever it is in the air. You first move your player to the correct position (whether is it in front or behind the opposing challenger), keep that position by preventing the opponent from pushing you away, and you hit the button (whether is it a shot or a pass) with the directional key pressed and there you go, you successfully won the challenge.

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PC Fifa 09 Review

Will the PC version of Fifa 09 hit the goal among gamers and the franchise fans, or will it just be another pc version that is good enough by just seeing it from the stands? In my personal opinion, I would say it is just another Fifa soccer game with a little tweaks here and there. Sure the be-a-pro seems promising, the widgets seem cool and awesome and of course the Adidas live season seems to make the game relate more to the real life. However, after testing out the console (PS3) version (demo) of the game, I felt that Fifa 09 on the pc totally lacks substance.

Many would argue and say “Hey, you can’t compare the console version with the PC’s! It is just not fair!”, but the sad truth is everyone does and I am no exception. PC gamers and console gamers are all gamers. They want the best experience they can have in each and every game they play. So if you come out with a game for that particular console/PC, you better make it good and for a good gaming experience you must check out best gaming monitor under 150 Fifa 09 felt almost if not the same as Fifa 08.

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