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Repurpose a OTG MicroUSB Card Reader as Phone Storage

There are several smartphones out in the market that are pretty much great except for the fact that they do not have expandable storage (e.g no microSD expansion slot). This may or may not be a deal breaker for you. Besides, higher end phones that do not offer such expansion options do have a fair amount of internal storage space available (usually 16GB or more). That said, people that use local multimedia files, be it videos or music, will find that it is simply not enough. I do have a workaround that is slightly more troublesome but definitely works. More on that after the break.

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Introducing the Ubuntu Edge

Did you know that there are other smart phone OSes besides Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows? Mozilla’s Firefox OS is one of the up and coming mobile OS. Together with that, we have the Ubuntu OS for phones. Introducing Ubuntu Edge, a phone that’s not a phone. With the ability to dual boot both Ubuntu phone OS and android, the Ubuntu Edge can also act as a fully functional Ubuntu desktop PC. A phone? Nah, a mobile device rather. Read on for the introductory video.

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Protect your Mobile Equipments Today!

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Bestmobilesoftwares presents you the best anti-theft Mobile, PDA and Mac Verey I softwares at a very reasonable price, as low as the price of an ‘optical mouse’. The best part is that the software comes with a one-time payment only and with no subscription charges.

A brief diagram on how they work:

How their company work

If you have the time or is interested, go view that website!

p.s: this is especially for Singaporeans.