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Apps for Free and Easy Hong Kong

I recently came back from a free and easy trip to Hong Kong a few days back. Thanks to the availability of the smartphone and digital apps, the trip was made much easier and more enjoyable. This post thus serves the purpose of sharing with you some of the apps that I have found useful in my trip. Without further ado, here are some recommended apps for a trip to Hong Kong.

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MSI Afterburner Android App

MSI Afterburner is one of the few softwares that computer enthusiasts often must have. In fact, almost anyone that builds their own rigs will definitely have it or a similar type of software whether is it simply to monitor the temperature of their graphics card or is it to overclock them to achieve more power and juice. What we have here today is the Android version of it. Yes, now you can overclock your computer on the go. Read on for the video walkthrough or if you want, the lengthy wall of text about the app. Continue reading