Computer Back Up

Computer back up, get it? I love double meanings. I’m meant to be a modern day poet. Anyways, yes my computer was down for roughly half a day all thanks to some brilliant skills of mine fiddling around with the settings. Yeah, tried out some overclocking (if you don’t know what that is just don’t bother) and failed terribly. Why exactly did that result in the failure of my hard drive I have completely no idea. It just makes no sense.

Fiddled around with some settings, overclocked my CPU, ran some test to see if it was stable and for the first 30 minutes everything was fine. So it was a long day in school and I was getting tired. Went to bed and the next thing I saw when I woke up is that the computer was simply running with no display at all. Restarted the computer, found that my OS was totally missing and thus could not be started up. I have begun to pee in my pants. While panicking I quickly tried repair, starting safe mode and do all kinds of nonsense that I think would help. Unfortunately, the sad truth was that the HDD seemed to be completely dead, one part at least where all the critical system files were.

So in my wet pants and profuse sweating due to the panic, I ripped apart my brother’s computer to try resurrecting the dead HDD. But of course you know that resurrecting a dead person only happens in the Bible or in fantasy movies (no similarities drawn there, I’m just saying) so the HDD is gone. And the sad thing is, I haven’t backed up anything at all for the past 4 months.

Yeah, I lost everything, all my data, files, word documents and my all-important school work. But it doesn’t matter since all the assessments in schools are over. It is all about revising now for most people. Not for me though as this marks the start of studying. Yes go search up the difference between revising and studying. But what pissed me off the most was that I lost pretty much 4 months worth of content for the site. Yes I do keep files of what I’ve written on my computer for god knows what but it is all gone. At least 4 months worth of it. Oh well.

So yes, here I am again telling people about the importance of keeping updated backups of your computer and crucial data. I told my dad to do so, told my brother to do so, even told myself to do so before. Well I’m the master procrastinator so I always tell myself next time I can always back it up. In fact the irony of the situation was that I clearly had the intention to do so but because my external HDD was a squat away so I decided next time when I have the opportunity to squat and do something else I would pick the HDD up along the way and perform a backup. Too late, it was too late. And of course unexpected.

I have decided to always do a once weekly backup to my external drive while maintaining a daily copy in my other HDD. I have already sent my destroyed HDD for replacement. That can serve as another backup drive or something when it comes back. Hopefully I wouldn’t procrastinate the next time, but hey unexpected things happen yes?

[image by daryl_mitchell via flickr]

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