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DIY NAS – Backing Up Your Files (Remote)

A few days back I wrote a guide about backing up your files locally. This time around, I will be teaching you how to backup your files in a remote location say another NAS in another house. For a clearer understanding, do read up on the previous guide. For this guide, I will jump straight into the steps to backup your files remotely and cut short the explanations that are already done previously.

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DIY NAS – Backing Up Your Files (Local)

Now that you have started storing your precious files and data into the NAS, it is time to back it all up. It isn’t fun when you lose all your data. Things such as photos and videos contain precious memories that can never be replaced should they be gone. The most common way to lose your files (unintentionally) is through HDD failure. Sometimes you can spot a dying HDD but in other cases, they just come and go without any warnings. It is thus vital to store the files in at least two locations. Today, I will be teaching you to do just that. Time to learn how to setup a scheduled backup of your files!

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Computer Back Up

Computer back up, get it? I love double meanings. I’m meant to be a modern day poet. Anyways, yes my computer was down for roughly half a day all thanks to some brilliant skills of mine fiddling around with the settings. Yeah, tried out some overclocking (if you don’t know what that is just don’t bother) and failed terribly. Why exactly did that result in the failure of my hard drive I have completely no idea. It just makes no sense. Continue reading