3 Fans – Cooler and Cooler

Spent the morning fixing up 3 new fans into my rig. One was a kaze-maru 140mm fan, and the two others were red LED coolermaster fans. Fixed them up into my casing (Coolermaster 690) and that alone took me around 2 hours or so. Get Computer Repair has a Microsoft Certified Professional working there so I generally go to them for my computer problems but I am glad that I spent that amount of time doing it myself. Now I understood much more about my computer and how to fix one. Actually, after taking a look at the different wirings and where they went etc, I found out that it ain’t very difficult to build one yourself. I’ve so far fixed a graphics card myself and setup additional fans. Little by little I’m getting more and more used with this custom computer building thing.

Kaze Maru 140mm 1900rpm Fan

Anyways back to the fans. I installed two of the red LED coolermaster fans on the top of my casing, making it suck in air instead of being an exhaust point. I’ve read people discussing about this and most of the technical people claims, and rightfully so, that since hot air rises, it would only be practical for the tops to be exhaust fans so as to get rid of the hot air effectively. However, people tested the two different possibilities and it seems like there isn’t much of a difference between intake or exhaust. Still, results shown are a little more favourable towards that of an intake fan, so I decided to follow as well putting them as intake fans.

To prevent dust from entering the casing, I’ve somewhat used a cheap but easy method of filtering. Bought some aircon filter paper (or whatever material that is) and placed it above the fans. The only problem would be when and whether I had the time or will to change them. Not sure how fast dirt and dust will accumulate but that will do for now.

I placed the kaze-maru 140mm fan at the side of my casing. It was acting as an intake fan as well. All together I have 6 fans in my casing, 4x120mm, 1x140mm, 1x80mm. Before then, I had 3 less fans and it was quieter. Now the noise level increased but I doubt it would be much of a problem since my room’s fan is much louder than that, making the casing almost inaudible. Temperature wise wasn’t much of a change for the graphic card (hardly changed at all actually), but as for the CPU, I notice a drop of around 5 – 6 degrees. Not bad at all. I guess it is because of the top two fans that help cool the CPU faster. As for the graphics card, I have no idea why it ain’t getting cooled faster or more. Maybe I would try changing the side fan into exhaust fans (once more defying the laws of cold air sinking and hot air rising) and see how is the temperature like.

Till then, I’m pretty much satisfied with what I have so far. Hmm, this is getting more and more interesting and I might as well pick this up as a hobby. All the different components, statistics etc all sounds good to me. Just one problem though, the red LED isn’t bright at all. Oh well, what you pay is what you get? There are other type of fans that produce a lot of light but is around twice the price of my fans, so why bother? Maybe I would, but not now.90 CFM Red LED Silent Fan 120mm

3 Fans = Cooler, and Cooler. Same words, different meanings.

Now I just need a mouse. Before that, I should start studying for examination is just a week away.

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