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Xigmatek Prime SD1484 Review

The Prime SD1484 is one of the newer CPU cooler offering by Xigmatek. The Prime SD1484 implements the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology and promotes a new type of fan blade design that apparently allows more air to be pushed at a quieter rate. With the already saturated CPU air cooling market, we have seen fantastic performers such as the Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow dominate in terms of cooling performance so much to the point that some people believe that such performance is the limit to air cooling. How well exactly the Prime performs? Read on for the full review. Continue reading

3 Fans – Cooler and Cooler

Spent the morning fixing up 3 new fans into my rig. One was a kaze-maru 140mm fan, and the two others were red LED coolermaster fans. Fixed them up into my casing (Coolermaster 690) and that alone took me around 2 hours or so. Get Computer Repair has a Microsoft Certified Professional working there so I generally go to them for my computer problems but I am glad that I spent that amount of time doing it myself. Now I understood much more about my computer and how to fix one. Actually, after taking a look at the different wirings and where they went etc, I found out that it ain’t very difficult to build one yourself. I’ve so far fixed a graphics card myself and setup additional fans. Little by little I’m getting more and more used with this custom computer building thing.

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