Winter in Singapore

The perfect weather for me is “aircon” weather. That is, you go outside, and temperatures are similar to that of the internals of a shopping mall. 25 degree Celsius plus minus is perfect. Absolutely perfect. In Singapore, you get low 30s all year round during the day. Just a week and more ago we had 20s all day.

The first time ever did I experience such weather in Singapore. While it rained all day all night and resulted in flash floods around the country, the temperatures were perfect. My room, for once in my entire life reached to mid 20s (slightly above).

My room, without turning on the air conditioner, will never reach such temperatures. In fact, 26.5 with my computer (a.k.a a heater) is really cold. The first ever “winter” I ever experienced here. It lasted for a week plus and now it is all back to normal.

Indeed, it was fun while it lasted.

[photo credits by Samuel S via flickr]

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