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Procrastination: Laziness Pays off Now

And so here I am again ranting about why I shouldn’t procrastinate and how I should start working towards the final goal. Hmm, alright with that said, I shall think about it later. Now it is time to relax and get my mind off how terribly I’ve done in the morning’s english literature oral examination. Totally love this quote I saw off the internet: “Hard work OFTEN pays off after time, but laziness ALWAYS pays off now.” So young and true.

[picture by: bsdubois00 via flickr]

Möbius Story: Wind and Mr. Ug

A Möbius story? What on earth is that? Is it of romance, comedy, fantasy? What is a Möbius story? Or rather you should ask, what is Möbius?Lazy to google that up? Nevermind, I shall pamper you before you watch some creative usage of some of his discoveries. Möbius is the last name of a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, famous for his discovery of the Möbius strip. Now before I go on about the Möbius strip, how about you go on and watch a short little video of a short little story on the character(s) “Wind” and “Mr. Ug”. Continue reading

A Newbie Freelancer and a Nightmare Client

After finishing my conscript army (also known as the National Service in Singapore) and going back into the workforce in September, I had the opportunity to do some freelance work for a friend I knew back in the army. He and his designer friend were going to start an e-commerce website selling products and I’m approached to aid them in this business venture for a cheap price. As a fresh polytechnic graduate in IT, I took up the offer since it would help me build up my portfolio as well as slowly adjust myself to the requirements of the working world.

Things were going well at first with the first meeting with them to capture their business requirements and understand what they wanted. However the first warning sign (of a nightmare client) came when we were discussing the website design. I was told by my friend: “Don’t worry! my partner here is a designer who graduated from the prestigious XYZ. You just need to implement whatever he designs.” I took it upon face value trusting what he said.

That was when my nightmare started. It’s easy to figure out what happens next. Here some snippets of the scenario I faced throughout the project. Continue reading