Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood Review

Foreign Legion BoB Title ScreenForeign Legion Buckets of Blood (FL:BoB for short), is an indie third person shooter. The game is developed by  Sakari Indie ( and is now available through digital download and steam. The game is extremely simple, defend the building from the oncoming attackers until help arrive. In this building, there are several villagers. You are the last man standing and being the hero you are, you defend the villagers from the enemies. Simple as that.

The game currently plays for around half an hour or so. Having said that, 30 mins include a second round play through or even a third. The level completes within 10 mins, the estimated time when help arrives. There is only one level. Do the math, and you’ll realise this is one hell of a short game. Reading up on their site, the developers did say something about providing free extra maps later on, but as of now, yes the game finishes within an hour or less. You get to choose from several difficulty levels. Each increases the complexity of the way you go about defending the building. However, even with the difficulty changed, the game still remains the same. The same old enemies, weapons and so on. No rewards except a cool little highscore that you can use to challenge your friends if they actually play the game.

The game allows players to choose from 4 different weapons. They are, the pistol (default and infinite ammo), rifle, rocket launcher and an airborne strike remote controller. Whichever guns you use, you practically have unlimited ammo supply for them. You get to call for a support plane to drop some crates which acts as repair power-up as well as ammo refills. I’ve used all of the guns and felt the best to use was the rifle for it simply meant more people killed in the fastest amount of time. I couldn’t use the rocket launcher nor the airborne strike to the fullest of their abilities for unknown reasons. I just can’t seem to hit anyone even with the explosive power of the rocket launcher. I shoot, boom, I missed. Playing around with the weapons are fun, but the fun last for only a short period of time. After that, you’ll probably just stick to one or simply quit the game.

Foreign Legion BoB Eat my Rocket!

There are 3 enemy types in the game. One the normal infantry who holds a gun, second the suicide bomber who does nothing but rushes to the building to blow himself up, and lastly a heavy infantry who uses rockets to shoot at you. All are killed in the same way, however with an exception to the suicide bomber who explodes if you shoot his body. You are allowed to kill your opponent by shooting either the body, the head or exploding them. You gain points by chaining up combo kills. The higher the combo, the higher the score. There are chickens present in the game as well, kill them for points and achievement (steam users). That is practically all the game does provide.

Foreign Legion BoB Game Over

With just one map and the cartoony graphics, one cannot help but say this game is way way too short for the price tag it carries. The graphics are fine, but nothing eye catching. Explosions are done the cute way so are the killings and blood. However, the animation of the character movement was rather poor but with the graphics being that way, I guessed I can’t comment too much. With all that said, all I can do is to wait for the new levels should there be any, otherwise, the game is currently being sold for around $6.95 (around $11 SGD?). With that price tag, I believe many gamers will be put off. $11 SGD can get you many iphone games you know, and they last even longer than FL:BoB.

Check out a gameplay footage I made:

[youtube k0Nh9fbMzsA]

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