Successfully Upgraded to 2.5

Woohoo! Finally, some time to post something. Well, to be real honest with you guys, I was being rather lazy lately thus the lack of updates. You can’t really blame me for being lazy as there isn’t much to talk about recently. Reviews? Nah, I can’t take screenshots of the PS3 games as my camera sucks. That deprives me of reviewing the games I played. How about … my life? Nah. I don’t want to bore any of you with my monotonous life. However, I’m glad to say that I finally found something that actually motivates me to update. WordPress new version, 2.5! They did a major uplift for the dashboard interface, added some cool new features that are useful and basically I guess did some security fixes etc. You can see their full changelog and release notes at their site. Anyways, I have and must talk about some of the new stuff I love as they really make me love wordpress more.

Plugin Auto Update

For lazy people like me, the new auto updating feature was like a god-sent gift. No more hassle going to the author’s site or wordpress itself to download the compressed file. No more time wasting to extract out the contents. No more effort needed to upload to the server. No more energy required to use the mouse to click on deactivate and activate. In conclusion, perfect for people like me. Just tested it out and it works extremely smoothly, giving me no problems as of yet. Here is a diagram to show you the new buttons included as well as the process to update.

WOO Fantastic for people like me!

Gallery Function

The new gallery features is kind of cool. But for users of other gallery plugins it is kind of useless. Basic viewing etc suits people who hates pictures and only posts around 1 to 2 images every year. For me it is so-so but can never be compared to the plugin I am currently using: NextGen Gallery.

New Interface

The new interface and colour scheme is pleasant to the eye though I need some time to get used to the new layout for each of the pages (writing posts etc). Everything now is almost adjustable as they become somewhat like widget style blocks. Cool but definitely needs some getting used to.
That’s all I have today. Projects flooding up and due within the next few weeks, examinations follow. Oh well there goes the updates again. Hey I’m not lazy this time, just busy.

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