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Upgrading MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) HDD and RAM (Non 1067MHz)

This is a guide that you can refer to even if you have other MacBook Pros. The screw and hardware positions might be slightly different according to the version you have but the process is more or less the same. Do refer to the video guides that I’ve recorded to see some hands on action. It is a relatively simple process should you have the correct tools and applications.

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WordPress 2.9 Camen Arrives

WordPress 2.9 Camen (in honour of jazz vocalist Carmen McRae) has arrived! Have you upgraded your wordpress yet? There are a few newly added features that are definitely useful for many people. I for one love the new image editing feature, sure it ain’t that powerful but it sufficient enough for some minor editing. Thumbnails for articles and stuff now come built in within the engine itself and you can use it for your new theme and so on. Check out the main site for information on all the changes and stuff.

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Successfully Upgraded to 2.5

Woohoo! Finally, some time to post something. Well, to be real honest with you guys, I was being rather lazy lately thus the lack of updates. You can’t really blame me for being lazy as there isn’t much to talk about recently. Reviews? Nah, I can’t take screenshots of the PS3 games as my camera sucks. That deprives me of reviewing the games I played. How about … my life? Nah. I don’t want to bore any of you with my monotonous life. However, I’m glad to say that I finally found something that actually motivates me to update. WordPress new version, 2.5! They did a major uplift for the dashboard interface, added some cool new features that are useful and basically I guess did some security fixes etc. You can see their full changelog and release notes at their site. Anyways, I have and must talk about some of the new stuff I love as they really make me love wordpress more.
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