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WordPress 2.9 Camen Arrives

WordPress 2.9 Camen (in honour of jazz vocalist Carmen McRae) has arrived! Have you upgraded your wordpress yet? There are a few newly added features that are definitely useful for many people. I for one love the new image editing feature, sure it ain’t that powerful but it sufficient enough for some minor editing. Thumbnails for articles and stuff now come built in within the engine itself and you can use it for your new theme and so on. Check out the main site for information on all the changes and stuff.

Hit the jump for the video to introduce some of the features in version 2.9 Continue reading

WordPress for iPhone/iPodTouch

Many months ago an online friend of mine (Swift) requested my help in enriching his website with more content. After some initial rejection, I eventually took up the offer & began writing some tutorials but my interest died fast due to 2 main reasons:

  • As a poor soul serving my 2 years NS liability I do not want to burn my precious weekends writing content for the public.
  • I’m just a procastinator who fails at life.

But—this little application gave me a little hope. With WordPress for iPhone, I could write some blog posts on my iPodTouch during my free time in bunk & with the application’s website announcing the application will be moving towards iPhone OS 3.0, I figured it will be a good time to review this application & hope future versions of it contains what I wished for. As an application built for a mobile device, it spots an uncluttered interface with a design aimed at people making short posts in my opinion. I will focus on mainly 2 functions of writing a blog post, entering text & adding pictures. Continue reading

Thumbnails For Related Posts in WordPress

I’ve recently chanced upon an article that inspired me greatly. The article is basically adding thumbnails to the related posts instead of just having the text link itself. Well, who would have actually thought of that? This idea has never ever crossed my mind before. We know of how Youtube uses thumbnails for related video but perhaps it is necessary since it is concerning videos. Never did I thought of actually putting thumbnails beside related posts in blogs and websites. I don’t know why but I’ve to actually emphasize that point over and over again. Because it is so simple, mundane and that we’ve seen it applied in various other types of sites etc, but why not in blogs? Continue reading

Do the Polar and 2.6

Just received a event to “Do the David Gan”. Hmm, I was supposed to take a picture of me having my hand on my shoulder showing off my branded watch. Well, I guess following someone else was kind of like stupid, so I decided to, “Do the Polar … Bear”. Right so heres a picture of my bear, doing the polar bear.

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.6 (huh? So soon? Yes I had the same reaction). Hit the jump for a video done by the official team on the new features etc.

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Successfully Upgraded to 2.5

Woohoo! Finally, some time to post something. Well, to be real honest with you guys, I was being rather lazy lately thus the lack of updates. You can’t really blame me for being lazy as there isn’t much to talk about recently. Reviews? Nah, I can’t take screenshots of the PS3 games as my camera sucks. That deprives me of reviewing the games I played. How about … my life? Nah. I don’t want to bore any of you with my monotonous life. However, I’m glad to say that I finally found something that actually motivates me to update. WordPress new version, 2.5! They did a major uplift for the dashboard interface, added some cool new features that are useful and basically I guess did some security fixes etc. You can see their full changelog and release notes at their site. Anyways, I have and must talk about some of the new stuff I love as they really make me love wordpress more.
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A new beginning

A new blog, a new site, a new beginning.

So far wordpress seems much better than blogger. Plugins themes etc all seems much better. Possibilities is what wordpress provides while blogger provides… hmm those normal boring unoriginal blogging stuff where almost every blogging softwares have now.

I’ll keep it short as I’m still working on the site installing some plugins, and sooner or later the blog will be started fully filled with much content (reviews, news etc)

Thats it, good bye.