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Previously I have talked and touch on a tiny little bit on the software and showed you an example as well. Well because of that, I was rewarded with a free license key to create my own talking photos! (singing for my case). I just tested it out (just received the email with my key) and found that it is pretty easy to use, and is definitely fun to play with. However there were just a few disappointments here and there. Still, it is a pretty fun software to have but for the price of $50 is what I am quite worried about. Nevertheless, let us move on to the review.

Worthy to be mentioned

Extremely easy to create your first ever talking/singing/shouting/whatevering photo! A few clicks and you’re actually done! It is that simple!

If you think you want to edit when your photo blinks etc, you can! There is an advanced script editor whereby you can insert or take away emotions etc.

Unworthy but still mentioned

You have to have an external audio recorder in order to record your own talk etc. The software itself does not have an internal audio recorder but only a tool that allows users to import in mp3 files.

You CANNOT convert the talk show nor save the talk show as anything else but the software’s own format.

You ONLY can host it at their website and then embed it to your website. (good and bad, saves your bandwidth but you have to bear with their web player which advertises their own company.)


It might be useful to some to a certain extend. But it is definitely not worthy for the price tag of $59.90. (They currently have an offer whereby you buy some other software you get it for free). I had some fun with it though, and below is a quick talking photo I made (within 2 mins in actual fact. The song is provided).

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  1. Looks pretty good I would like to give it a try, can I get a registration key please?

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