Adobe CS5 Simply Awesome

I’ve got hyped up over Adobe’s CS5 suite, released just yesterday 12th of April, after watching the new content-aware fill feature a week or two back. The results were simply magical. I myself have been using adobe products for quite some time mainly Photoshop, Flash (learning to use it) and a little Dreamweaver at times and after reading and seeing the new features that some of the software provides, I simply have to save up and get it when it arrives here (student edition of course. Much cheaper and that is a privilege a student gets!)

Here are some major new features added in to some of the products (just photoshop and dreamweaver for me. Scroll to bottom for links for more information) which I find the most interesting and exciting to look out for. For those already gotten their hands on the products, you might want to try them out just to see how fantastic and amazing the results you might get!

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Content-Aware Fill

Watch how photoshop magically fills up the surrounding and objects after you cut out parts of the image!

Puppet Warp

Some people use photoshop to adjust and bend images. Now with this new technology you can shift bend and modify images as if you were controlling a puppet!

Realistic Paint Brushes

Painting in photoshop never gets more realistic than this! Now you can even mix colours as in real life!

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Support for PHP-based content management systems

Now you can modify and edit sites based on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc and test them live! A great new features especially for people using such platforms (like me!).

PHP Custom Class Code Hinting

Display proper syntax for custom PHP functions to help you write code more accurately.

For more information of the other products do take a look at their official videos at their site or take a look at this post, an article of the global launch of cs5 with videos or the official press release.

Just wished that apple didn’t ban the use of flash cs5 to build the apps on the iPhone. Bah that is the only thing that sucked.
Are you excited about CS5? If you have used it already do share you experience with others!

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