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At long last my site got approved. The screenshots they provided were awesome. The features they promise sound fantastic. Finally, I got to try it for myself. Just a brief introduction what Woopra is. Woopra is a traffic statistic tool used by webmasters to record down traffic details etc. Just take for example google analytics. It is somewhat like that but more of a desktop application. In addition, it uses beautiful and detailed graphs to display information, adds more features such as chatting with the users that is currently online etc. A small but great little tool for webmasters to use.

The information Woopra provides is detailed and well displayed. Using a world map to display where the users come from, a line graph to show the number of visits per hour for the day, the ability to switch between bar or pie charts for displaying of most of the information etc. Whatever you need, Woopra actually provides it. However, what makes Woopra something more special is its ability to show the current users that are browsing the page in real time. Meaning every time a user enters the site, it will immediately show it on its screen. Therefore, you get live statistics and is extremely useful for example when a sudden surge of traffic comes in, you know how to react or what measures to take.

One feature that actually makes me even more excited and pleased about Woopra, is the fact that it has the ability to link the current visitor with the webmaster. Woopra is empowered by a simple yet powerful chat tool that enables to create a bridge that connects the visitor with the webmaster by allowing them to chat over the net. It is that simple! Just talk about the importance of feedback and the need of communication, it is simply magnificent! Community is current discussed as one of the most important aspects of websites besides content and with such a function, it will definitely boosts the visitors’ impressions as well as the webmaster’s relationship with them.

So far I’ve been talking about how perfect and sleek Woopra is but haven’t touched on the disadvantages etc. The fact that Woopra is so cool and smart is undeniable. However, some minor bugs are present and that the server sometimes is unstable is kind of a problem. Since it is still in its beta stages and free for the moment, I am sure that in future all the problems would be resolved in due time.

For now here is a little video of the application I made and showing some of its functions and information is provides. (P.S Of course the chatting as well)

Woopra Badge

[vimeo 1327461 400 300]

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