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Both Advertlets and Nuffnang are companies and places of revenue for webmasters, bloggers, especially in the region of Asia (specifically Malaysia and Singapore). Though they both aim the provide users with an alternative source of income through their website, they both run on different system. It may seem rather unclear on how different Nuffnang and Advertlets are but I hope after reading my article you will have a clearer view on which is “better” for you.

Recently there have been several complaints by bloggers on Nuffnang on why they have not been receiving advertisement offers for several weeks or months. These outbursts of anger also include them being angry on how they realized that they advertised Nuffnang without being paid. Almost all of those that complained switched to Advertlets as they no longer want to wait anymore. However, on the other end bloggers that are currently getting the advertisement offers showed their disagreement and debated back. All these debating sure sound intense but there is only one suggestion to both ends. If you do not receive your advertisement offers, so be it. Nuffnang is not for you. For those who have received offers over and over again, good for you.

Advertlets on the other end have not much problems so far. No complaining except the fact of that little puny sum of money that publishers are earning and the problem of the logging in system. To make up for that, Advertlets hosted several campaigns and offers for bloggers such as reviewing their own website for a chance to earn a sum of money. (25 SGD for the lowest) Great ways of winning the people’s heart and at the same time earn effective money. I have one concern that is a few months back they also offered a sum of money if your review on their site get selected. I participated at that time but the sad truth is, there was no winner at all. They extended the deadlines to November and I was utterly disappointed on that matter. They did not even bother to give a reason as to why. I guess it was most probably because of the lack of participants but that should not be a reason for them not to provide one. This incident might not have affected many as Advertlets is still not known to a lot of people. However, I am one of the unlucky victims who have lost a little trust in Advertlets since that incident. (No one seems to even care about it or perhaps people did not even notice? Or wait; perhaps there was not one except me participating? I doubt so.)

Without further ado, let us go on to the comparison of both companies and then my review on both of them as well as my opinions and thoughts.

Table of Comparison

Category Advertlets Nuffnang
Focused Publishers More on the international scale. If not more towards Malaysian audience. Slowly spreading its influence into Singapore. Great focus on both Malaysia and Singapore. Not much internationally yet.
Ability to earn from it? Yes Yes/No
Amount of revenue publishers can earn >0.01 cents – **.** dollars $0.00 – $***
Ads placed based on… Nothing. There might be some basis on the statistics acquired from the polls and based on the visitors’ country. Unsure. Many claimed it is traffic. I would say, the traffic’s interest. Mostly based on traffic’s nationality.
Relationship with Publishers Average for most. Better for Malaysian publishers. Both ends. Very bad, and extremely good. Depends.
Activeness Active with Malaysian publishers, a little with Singaporean publishers, nothing so far with international publishers. Active with Malaysian publishers, active with Singaporean publishers, no activity at all with international publishers.
Reliability Yes. Cheques have been given out to both Singaporean and Malaysian publishers. Yes. Cheques have been given out to both Singaporean and Malaysian publishers.

Detailed Comparison

Focused Publishers

Both Advertlets and Nuffnang are currently still in local scale. Both provide advertisements that caters to only Singaporean and Malaysian readers. They also pay in SGD or RM. However, Advertlets is also seen to be showing international advertisements (but that is highly unrecognizable). In my opinion, Advertlets caters more to Malaysian publishers while for Nuffnang, caters both to Singaporean and Malaysian publishers with equal effort (Nuffnang has both .SG and .MY sites and are operated by different people).

Ability to earn from it?

Of course you can earn from both companies. However, some might find Nuffnang to be more profitable or the other way round. Advertlets definitely will give publishers some earnings. As long as you have a website, you display their advertisements, you get the money. However, for you to be able to earn some money from Advertlets, it requires you to display their advertisements on a high traffic site. You can earn around 0.20 RM per 200 impressions (Uniques? Not too sure there. I myself am confused) and these visitors ought to be countries from Singapore, Malaysia or perhaps South East Asia. I realized that they pay more for impressions coming from those countries mentioned above then countries like USA, UK etc. As for Nuffnang, if you have a high traffic site, you might or not earn money at all. Nuffnang in the other hand works differently. They do not display advertisement as soon as you sign up. They work in a business module whereby the advertisers choose which website to display their advertisement on. Thus, you might get no advertisement offers at all! In that case, you will not earn a single cent at all. In my research, I found out that Nuffnang have advertisers that only caters to Singaporean/Malaysian visitors. Thus if your site is found to have a strong traffic of international countries, you may not get any advertisement offers at all. In conclusion, Nuffnang may work for some only (Strong Singapore/Malaysia traffic), while for Advertlets for everyone as long as you have the people coming in.

Amount of revenue publishers can earn

For Adverlets, you can earn cents to a few dollars every day. If you have at least 1000 page views everyday (Page views, not uniques.), you can earn a dollar or two. As for Nuffnang, if you have offers continuously coming in, earning around $20 SGD a month would not be much of a problem. Putting that aside, Advertlets and Nuffnang both host other offers that enable you to earn extra cash. For example for Nuffnang, selected publishers are given specific advertising offers (creating a post to promote a certain product) and can earn extra cash from completing them. As for Advertlets, reviewing their site might get you some money if your review gets selected. All in all, Advertlets will earn you cents no matter what site you have or who you are while for Nuffnang, a highly Singaporean/Malaysian/Asian specific site only.

Ads placed based on?

Advertlets – Your traffic and statistics derived from your polls.

Nuffnang – Your traffic

Relationship with publishers

Advertlets – Average with most publishers if not good with others. So far not many complaints about them except the logging in issue and as for me, them extending the deadline without any reason at all.

Nuffnang- Extremely bad or good. Bad for those who have not received advertisements for months after joining, and good for those who received advertisements. (Duh.) Well, I would say the majority of the members do not have a good relationship with the company. Seriously. (only the minority and those are the hardcore nuffnangers and those that received offers after offers love Nuffnang)


Both companies have hosted programs and outings to show their care and concern for the publishers. However, Advertlets is seen to be only active with Malaysian publishers as most outings that are organized so far are held in Malaysia. Nuffnang on the other hand holds outings in Singapore and Malaysia. (Both branches work differently anyways. Different management and staff) However, participants on those outings are usually the ones who received advertisement offers. Perhaps they only reach out to the ones that love them? And not bother about those who hate them? I do not know.


Both are reliable. Cheques have been sent and publishers have received them. None are scammers at all.

The Verdict

If you are an international reader, meaning you are not from Singapore or Malaysia, none of these companies can work out for you. I would suggest that you join Google’s Adsense, Adbrite, Widgetbucks etc. Now if here is a mind map as to what you should take (in my opinion of course.)

Mindmap of which company should you choose

If you do not understand the mind map or cannot view the mind map, here is the text version:

1. Where are you from?

(a) Singapore (proceed to (2))

(b) Malaysia (proceed to (2))

(c) Others (UK, USA etc) (go to answer 3)

2. Is your traffic

(a) High (proceed to (3))

(b) Low/Medium (go to answer 2 and 3)

3. Your traffic consists mainly of…

(a) Singaporean/Malaysia (go to answer 1 and 2)

(b) Others/International Users (go to answer 2 and 3)

Answer 1 – Nuffnang
Answer 2 – Advertlets
Answer 3 – Google’s Adsense, Widgetbucks, Adbrite etc


Why did I come out with such answers? How did I derive such opinions? Well, let us see:

Nuffnang – Advertisers are all from local regions (meaning Singapore and Malaysia). Since advertisers are to choose which site they want to display their advertisement, they would obviously choose sites with high traffic from countries their companies are located at (in this case, Singapore and Malaysia). Since they are all local advertisers, international users are most probably not going to get any advertising offers at all. Going on to the traffic, it seems to be that Nuffnang promotes sites to the advertisers. If you get more traffic, Nuffnang promotes you more. In that case, you most probably will get the offer. However, if you have a puny stream of visitors to your site per day, you will most likely be unrecognized nor be informed to the advertisers. Thus not getting any offers at all.

Advertlets – Advertisers are also from mainly the local regions. However, since Advertlets work on a PPM (pay per impression) system, every member will get advertisements displayed on their site. And every impression made (visitor etc) will result in some money being earned. Thus, as long as you have a high traffic flow, Advertlets will earn you money. Of course I noticed that they pay more for local visitors. If you have a low to medium traffic flow, the money will still be earned except that it will be much lesser.

Other international advertising solutions – I will not touch on that since my main focus is on Nuffnang and Advertlets.


A really long article but I hope it gives you a wider view on both companies and which you should choose. Any comments? Post it and I will respond to it. I still have much to say but I must be sure that people are actually interested in this topic. And if that is the case, there will be another part coming out to touch on the publisher’s nationality. That is another factor of which site you should choose from.

A side note

I am neither a business expert nor an internet marketer. I am not a full time professional blogger nor a learned entrepreneur. All information listed above is solely based on my opinions. To believe or not to believe in it, it is your own option. People have their own opinions, I am no exception.

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  1. Yes, we recently extended the deadline for people to submit reviews. Your earlier post has been approved and your account credited – sorry for the delay. We are still approving reviews as they come in, and should you have any questions on the approval status of your future reviews, do let us know. Thanks!

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  2. Thanks for the comparison. I’m a Nuffnang supporter (though I also have Advertlets and Adsense on my blog) I dont mind the wait (for ad) cos 1 ad is enough to cover whatever I earn from Advertlets. It’s easy for me to compare how much I earn from Adsense, Advertlets and Nuffnang cos I added them only a few days apart. So far Nuffnang brings in the most money for me and sadly Advertlet the least.

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  3. So detailed comparisons… read also make me pening. For me whichever pays me, I use lor.

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