Advertlets Advertisers Pay for Nothing

Why do I say so? That advertisers using Advertlets to carry out their advertisement campaigns are paying for practically nothing? Well, not really nothing, but shall we use the term, ineffective? Just take a look at some blogs around the net that uses Advertlets as a source of revenue to see what I mean (Screencast of what I mean below). Since Advertlets work on a pay per impression system (also on per click as well), I will assume that advertisers pay for ad campaigns based on how much impressions they want (obvious actually). However, the thing is that if you take a look at what some publishers are doing, what the advertisers pay for is not what they get. Pictures show a thousand words while videos show a thousand pictures thus a million of words? Take a look:

Right. So now we know the situation let us talk about it. Almost 3 or more advertisements repeats itself. That would mean the advertisers are paying let us say 1000 impressions, but all they get is? 1000 / 4 (easier to calculate) = 250 impressions! In other words, advertisers are actually paying 4 times to price per 1000 impressions. I tried reading through the faqs, terms of conditions etc but nothing touches on this subject. I don’t know but it sure looks to be quick money for publishers but as for advertisers? Ineffective and a waste of money.

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  1. The number of Advertlets ads you put up on your blog does not have any effect on the impressions bought by per advertiser. Meaning, even though there are three or five similar ads on a page, the system will count it as one ad impression. I may be wrong on this but I think Josh from Advertlets could give you a better answer.

  2. Without revealing too much how our system works, we’re pretty confident that the system does not work the way you described. Some ads are pay per click, some ads are per impression, however, to reveal which is which and how it works would be too helpful to those attempting to commit click fraud.

    What I can tell you though is that our system is smart – Have you tried putting more than 4 Advertlets ad units on one page? Not possible, and also if you put the Sidebar ad unit lower, it earns less. Our current solution delivers good click through rates to Advertisers and good earnings to bloggers as well.

    Besides CPC and CPM, we even have a Daily Limits CPC system where advertisers can buy a certain number of clicks per day, and after the balance for the day is used up, the ad no longer appears, continuing the next day. The benefit of this is that the system would rotate the ad across the network as many times as needed to get the clicks, without billing the client per impression.

    Hope this clarifies your misunderstanding, it definitely does not work the way that you described. Cheers.

  3. Is that so? I tried it myself:

    I placed three ads at my sidebar
    I refreshed the page
    I checked the statistics (in advertlets page)
    It risen by 3 impressions (i am paid 3 impressions worth of money 0.005?)

    I than tried with only 1 ad.
    I refreshed
    Checked statistics
    Risen by 1 (increase lesser than 3 impressions as previously)

    Explain please.

  4. To answer your question, the impressions are counted as ads are shown, however, the earnings are calculated based on the quality of traffic or the individual performance of each blog.

    Keep in mind also that your earnings may increase from ads that you cannot see (for example, from Malaysia different ads are shown), and that there are also other visitors visiting your site too. If you were the only visitor to your own blog, that’ll be quite sad right 🙂

    Ultimately I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you. We’ve implemented most of our advertisers suggested ideas and features, and successfully sold different CPC, CPM as well as some custom packages to many advertisers, and they are quite pleased with the performance. On your end, I hope you’re happy with your earnings. Cheers!

  5. If the above method does really work as you suggest, I am going to put more ads units from now on.

    I don’t think Josh will reveal much about how Advertlets works behind the scene but I don’t think Advertlets would do that to their advertiser which is their source of income.

    I am still a noob in all this make money out of your blog after all this time. Maybe I miss out something?

  6. Hi Motd,

    Yes, of course putting more ad units would result in better earnings. However, we recommend varying the sizes – try to use different ad sizes instead of the same ones. Eg, if you already have the Sidebar (165×240) ad format installed, try the Rectangle (336×280), the Banner (468×60) and the Square (180×150). Certain ad formats have advertisers that are not available in other formats.

    Thanks for understanding. As much as we’ll like to be open about our inner workings, it is in the best interest for advertisers and bloggers for some confidential algorithms not to be disclosed. Cheers.

  7. I am works in a firm that handles legal matters concerning the internet.

    I am really shocked to see how bloggers these days are committing themselves to stupid things like posting blogs with framing titles or accusing tone on fraud when things are not clarify.

    For example, if one go around accusing this company of not providing a good service and without any clarification just blog about it, you are opening yourself to legal action.

    If not sure, at least put a question mark behind your Advertlets Advertisers Pay for Nothing? And not go into accusing tone.

    Please do learn from this mistake. It is a matter of time one will get sue for that.

  8. Pingster: This is more of a customer/public misunderstanding how the company works. It may be bad for the company reputation if the issues raised aren’t properly addressed. But I think Josh did a good job in addressing the issue.

    Its good that swift raised this issue. This give Josh a chance to clear the misunderstanding. Cheers.

    BTW: Are you from 😀

  9. Side track abit.


    I agree with your point but sometimes it is just kind of hard to know what kind of content you are blogging will get you into trouble. After all not all of us reads Law.

  10. If thats the case, I’ll be using a frame and putting 20 ads at one shot in that small frame. I’ll see how it goes. I’m sorry but I think i clarified that the advertisers pay for less. The title is well, misleading? But I did write in the post that I feel that advertisers are not paying for what they deserve. Anyways, since its not of a problem, I shall put loads of ads as well, but in a smart way of course. Lets see if my earnings double or triple.

    Oh and please, chill. I am stating my opinion and I feel that it still stands as it is. But since Josh Lim states that advertlets work differently from that (which i don’t see but I don’t mind.) all is well i guess.

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