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Advertlets is a new site I found through reading through some forums as well as browsing through some other people’s website. It is another site which provides services for both parties. People who want to advertise their site and people who want to publish those ads while earning some money for themselves in the process. When I first got into the site, I was rather happy and pleased with the site design. It is clean, simple and its colours give a rather warm feeling. It is simply pleasing to the eye I must admit. First impression always matters a lot and even though there is a saying going by not judging a book by its cover, many people still do so. And I am no exception. By just looking at the site design, I must say that Advertlets has a bright future ahead for them.



The registration process is very simply and quick. A few forms to fill in and a mail to validate and that’s all. However, loads of profile editing must be done later on in the members’ panel. I met with no problems at all during registration, everything was quick and swift. The validation mail also came instantly which is good I guess.

Members’ Panel

The member panel looks alright. Link titles seemed alright not until I found myself wondering around finding the advertisement codes. The navigation is rather misleading. You find your advertisement codes in a title of “Blog” which I found no linkage at all. A lot of the other features are currently still under construction, therefore I cannot judge and comment much about it. I must say that however misleading the titles may be, getting use to it is child’s play. Within 5 minutes in the website, I am all familiarized and knew where to go if I wanted something.

Statistics they provide is really simple and good. They are all presented in a simple table, telling you how much impressions you got and the clicks received. Then it follows by the amount of money you got. Simplicity is the best and Advertlets statistics proved it. However, for people who are into such businesses might find it rather lousy as it lacks the details some people might want. Perhaps they will improve it in near future.


Advertlets - Earnings

Support ought to be good. They have their own support ticket system fully functioning. I have not yet tested how fast their responses were as I have yet to meet with any problems or errors.

Advertisement codes are the same as many other providers, giving the choice of different sized banners and polls (yes polls, rather unique eh?). However, I believe they ought to provide some kind of text advertisements as it is simpler and easier to implement into any website design.

Suggestions & Feedback

Referral Campaigns/Features

I would really like to see some kind of referral features to be implemented into this service in the future. It not only attracts more people into the service, it encourages current users to be more enthusiastic in promoting the service. Both parties in the end will earn. Here is a simple link on how so:

Incentives provided for referrals à more people promoting the service à more people joining the service à more sites publishing and putting up the ads à more advertisers want to advertise with the service à service earns more money.


More variety in advertisement types/sizes

More sizes should be created for the ease of the publishers. Currently most sizes are the average ones (neither too big nor small) and that might lead to some problems in placements. (Skyscrapers, banners at the sites are all very big whether in length or height) Therefore I suggest that more sizes should be created and thus making advertising more effective too.

Text advertisement is also another good feature that should be implemented. Video advertisement etc all should be considered as it is proved to be somehow more interesting and thus effective too.


Since this is a new programme, my suggestions might already been planned. Who knows, only time can tell. After all of these, I feel that Advertlets can strive in the future and prosper. Lets hope that that is the case, but for now, I will see if the cheques come in on time and see if their service is really reliable or not. (I will follow up with a review) Until then, good bye and have a nice day! Ka-Ching!

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