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What is Blog2u.sg?

What is BLOG2u.SG?

BLOG2u.SG is a match-making service for advertisers and bloggers; to deliver online word of mouth of products and services from freelancers, agents and even bloggers in the most cost effective method through blogs.


– Bloggers display a simple banner, a short description of the product or service and a weblink or email to the advertisers for 30 days.

How are we different?

– Bloggers are instantly paid without the need to wait for a long period of time for ‘clicking’ advertisements to work.

– Advertisers can better manage their expenses more cost effectively, targeting a larger group of bloggers.

– This service is most suitable for freelance designers, programmers, agents and individual bloggers selling products on their blogs.

– Bloggers and advertisements are matched by our guys doing actual on-site verifications.

Lets get started!

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Photos that Talk

That is so right! Now you can easily make your photos talk by using a software that enables you to synchronize your speech with the photo. Easily make your photo’s mouth etc move to mimic a person talking in real life! How awesome is that! And the company is giving away free copies for bloggers who blog about this in their own blog! Yay! Here is a demo of how the thing works. Pretty cool huh!


blogmyspacedvd to ipod video convertertalkingphoto, dvd to psp convertertalkingphoto, dvd to zunetalking photo album

Official site visit it for more information on how you can get your free software!

There is also another free software that is almost the same in terms of concept and idea.  Check out the site! Fix8

Advertlets – new site for revenue

Advertlets Logo


First impressions review


Advertlets is a new site I found through reading through some forums as well as browsing through some other people’s website. It is another site which provides services for both parties. People who want to advertise their site and people who want to publish those ads while earning some money for themselves in the process. When I first got into the site, I was rather happy and pleased with the site design. It is clean, simple and its colours give a rather warm feeling. It is simply pleasing to the eye I must admit. First impression always matters a lot and even though there is a saying going by not judging a book by its cover, many people still do so. And I am no exception. By just looking at the site design, I must say that Advertlets has a bright future ahead for them.


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