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Your Moola Has Finally Arrived

It has been one to two months since I requested for the cashout in Nuffnang after meeting their cashout requirements. Not a lot of money but it certainly took a long long while. Apparently one of their staff contacted me a week before I receive the cheque to explain the long delay. Apparently (yet again), it seems as though the person in-charge of signing cheques went overseas for the past month thus the delay. However the problem is why the wait till he is back before sending me the email to inform me about the delay? That I have no idea, busy isn’t a reason or a valid excuse. Continue reading

Advertlets vs Nuffnang

Banner for Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Both Advertlets and Nuffnang are companies and places of revenue for webmasters, bloggers, especially in the region of Asia (specifically Malaysia and Singapore). Though they both aim the provide users with an alternative source of income through their website, they both run on different system. It may seem rather unclear on how different Nuffnang and Advertlets are but I hope after reading my article you will have a clearer view on which is “better” for you.

Recently there have been several complaints by bloggers on Nuffnang on why they have not been receiving advertisement offers for several weeks or months. These outbursts of anger also include them being angry on how they realized that they advertised Nuffnang without being paid. Almost all of those that complained switched to Advertlets as they no longer want to wait anymore. However, on the other end bloggers that are currently getting the advertisement offers showed their disagreement and debated back. All these debating sure sound intense but there is only one suggestion to both ends. If you do not receive your advertisement offers, so be it. Nuffnang is not for you. For those who have received offers over and over again, good for you.

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