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Sending Emails from Custom Domains for Free

I’ve been looking for a way to properly send emails from my custom domains (such as the domain you are on now, swiftworld.net) but I’ve been searching for the wrong services. I do not need a mailbox or any storage space, I just need to be able to send an email from someone@mydomain.com. I’ve finally found the “proper” way of doing things and for those of you who don’t send hundreds and thousands of emails daily, this will be a free solution for you as well. Continue reading

Webfaction Hosting Review

Not too long ago, I finally finished setting up a client’s website on WebFaction. Giving myself a pat on the back as it marks the end of a tough period for me too. To turn my depression into something cheerful, I have decided to write a review on my experience with WebFaction. Glad to have taken some screenshots of the control panel before things went wrong. This review is based on a month of usage of the web host. Continue reading

550 Permission Denied Deleting Solved

550 Permission Denied
I used to have this problem rather frequently. The problem is basically for god knows what reason (ain’t got the technical details here), the files becomes undeletable whether using a FTP client and whatnots. This always pisses me off as I hate leaving cluttered stuff around my web space. Basically what I’ll do is rename the folder/file to something such as “deleteme” and then try praying that it will get deleted one day. However, the case is that it always remains there to agitate me once I start my bi-annually webspace spring cleaning. Continue reading

Woopra Review

At long last my site got approved. The screenshots they provided were awesome. The features they promise sound fantastic. Finally, I got to try it for myself. Just a brief introduction what Woopra is. Woopra is a traffic statistic tool used by webmasters to record down traffic details etc. Just take for example google analytics. It is somewhat like that but more of a desktop application. In addition, it uses beautiful and detailed graphs to display information, adds more features such as chatting with the users that is currently online etc. A small but great little tool for webmasters to use.

Continue reading