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Bali for the Week

I spent a week ago in Bali thus resulting in why I did not update the blog for so long. The trip started at 11th of January and ended just yesterday, 18th of January. I went there not for the purpose to relax and have fun, but instead for studying and educational purposes (well, that is what my school calls it to be). OEP, Overseas Educational Programme, sure sounds awesome eh? So this post is dedicated to that whole week in bali and is definitely extraordinarily boring. Be advised if you think that there might be pictures you are totally wrong (I know holidays equals to loads of photo taking etc but I am exceptional).

Bali is practically associated with holiday paradise, or somewhere whereby people have fun in the beaches etc. So how can it be educational at all? Well, to be really honest, I doubt I really learnt anything else besides the characteristics and personalities of my friends. During the trip, we visited turtle conversation centre (where we learn turtle knowledge), mangrove swarm (learn about the different plants) etc. Knowledge and education is fed to us but I doubt any of us care about it anyways. There are however two main lessons, points or whatever you call them from this trip.

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