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DIY NAS – Seafile (Self-hosted Dropbox)

There are many ways to transfer files between your devices and your NAS. The most popular and obvious method is via FTP. There are other ways as well and one of them is via a software called Seafile. Seafile is similar to the likes of Dropbox where it focuses on syncing files between devices. By running Seafile on your NAS or server, you will be able to host your own Dropbox like service. There are many other free alternatives (ownCloud, Sparkleshare etc) as well but for this article we will be focusing solely on Seafile.

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550 Permission Denied Deleting Solved

550 Permission Denied
I used to have this problem rather frequently. The problem is basically for god knows what reason (ain’t got the technical details here), the files becomes undeletable whether using a FTP client and whatnots. This always pisses me off as I hate leaving cluttered stuff around my web space. Basically what I’ll do is rename the folder/file to something such as “deleteme” and then try praying that it will get deleted one day. However, the case is that it always remains there to agitate me once I start my bi-annually webspace spring cleaning. Continue reading