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IT Show 2010 Marks March Holidays

March holidays have begun! It is time to start my engine and read my lit books. Loads of pages from so many different books I have yet to finish reading. I better buck up my reading skills before the next term starts for semi major examinations are on the way. Anyways, before I talk about what I’m going to do during the holidays and perhaps give a summary of whatever happened in this whole term, I’ll like to talk about the IT Show I just attended. Continue reading

IT Show 2009: Hyped Over Nothing

If you’ve been following my twitter, I did a countdown for IT Show 2009. Excitement, eagerness and anxiety filled me as the days got nearer. Today, I was filled with joy and my heart almost burst due to an overload of adrenaline from the anticipation. I still had school in the morning, so I had to contain all the exhilaration during the lessons. Finally it was time to set off with a couple of friends. Public transport was the only mean of travelling for none of us were eligible to drive (quite obvious). We had the choice of the MRT or bus, ended up taking bus all the way to Suntec City. We walked for a bit before reaching the exhibition halls, preparing ourselves with the amount of crowd already present outside. The top floors were first, went in and systematically browsed through the different stalls. Continue reading