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The Mechanical Switch: First Time Mechanical Keyboard User

Oh how I love double meanings and puns. Look at how cleverly I have titled this post! “The Mechanical Switch”, get it? “Switch” in the sense of the action of switching from a generic rubber dome keyboard into that of a mechanical keyboard and “switch” also means the mechanical switches that are used in the mechanical keyboards! Please bear with me, I have some literature oral commentary examination in just two days time and I’ve yet to study the texts in detail at all. Anyways, I felt that I have experienced using a mechanical keyboard long enough to express some of my thoughts and feeling about using one. This is by no means a review of mechanical keyboards in general as I’ve only tried the tip of the iceberg in such a field. My experience is also very limited to the keyboard and switch type I am using. Nevertheless, I feel that this might shed some light into what one might expect when making the switch. Continue reading