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Back from NCO Camp and Taiwan Trip

A New Addition! The White Tiger!June Holidays 2008 was practically more like a 1 week March/September school break for me. Start of the holidays was the all so great weekend at the camp Resilience at Pulau Ubin. Tired and worked out, I came back home on the following Monday with around a week before I board the plane to Taiwan. As you know, holiday homework will definitely be present and as the days flew by, it slowly stacks up, finally piling up to a mountain of stress and work. Of course coming back from the all so great camp at Pulau Ubin would require me to take a few days of break. I rested and played hard, bonding so close with my PS3 and leaving no time at all for my textbooks to swing in. Before the Taiwan trip, I have another 2 days of full day courses. There goes another 2 days of resting. Time passes quickly and it is time for the Taiwan trip. I went for around a week, spending money and time resting (supposedly, well I prefer resting at home but still.) at the hotels there etc. Back the following week later, I had only two days of rest, before my recent NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer. Something like a preparation camp for us students before we take over the unit) camp starts. It was way exhausting and painful physically. The camp was carried out for around 3 days and I recently came back home not too long ago. Now I am left with practically a few more days before school start. Should I rest? Or maybe I should perhaps start working on my homework? Oh well, that sure is stressful and a difficult decision to make. It is like choosing from a million of dollars or a million of cents. Resting is just so tempting. Argh.  Anyways, lets not talk about that, instead lets talk about my camp and trip.

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