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Free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping

If you didn’t know already, Amazon has started providing free shipping to Singapore and India. All you have to do is to have an order with items that are eligible for free shipping and hit the minimum total order of $125 (all currency in USD). This service Amazon provides is great for customers based in those countries (Singapore!). There are just some things that you cannot get locally and even if you can, the mark up on the products are simply too high.

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Budget Korean 27” IPS Monitor – Information and Comparison of the Different Brands and Models

These monitors have recently caught the eyes of many netizens. For the past few months they have been hyped up quite dramatically due to the sheer value they have. I present to you the budget Korean 27” IPS monitors. They are sold in Korea for quite some time already but are only known to the world after being spotted on eBay for an extremely attractive price. This post will serve as a short introduction to these monitors as well as a short consumer review on one of the budget monitors that I have recently purchased. Read on for some information that I have researched and collected prior to purchasing the monitors followed by my review on the monitor that I bought. Continue reading