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Kwix-Host – Free, Reliable and Quality Hosting

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First & Current Impressions Review


After numerous free hosts I tried, I must say that Kwix-Host is the best. It is reliable, stable and simply provides quality plans both reasonable for them, providers, and us, users. Kwix-Host, backend up with a tremendous amount of positive reviews and near perfect uptime, I decided to venture into it. At that time I must say I hated post-to-host providers. That is because I have learnt that I am pretty much exchanging my precious time for hosts that were going down the next week or so. However, Kwix-Host did not disappoint me. It has already been a month or two since I had them hosting me and never did a single time it was down nor caused me much problems. All I can say is that I am really glad to have such a provider, and I really hope that it stays that way forever (Until I decide to go into paid hosting).

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