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I haven’t been posting for quite some time already. I am really apologetic about that. However, it is really because of my current pile of projects and school work that is wearing me down. No, they are seriously genuine and real excuses. For once I felt that my own judgment was terribly wrong. I always thought that this term, would be an awesome and relaxing one for me. Just sit back, little by little doing project work and then handing them up. I WAS WRONG, so wrong! With my poor time management skills, I cramped up over 3 different subject’s projects onto one week. I rushed them all out and was pleased that I had not been penalized for some of the overdue work. PROJECTS are tough. If you have poor time management, projects are neither fun nor easy. At least for examinations, cramping the last week with just pure textbooks and revision, you might get through the tests with ease. For projects, research and all the other time consuming stuff has to be well planned and carried out accordingly else they will not be completed in time.

Term 3 supposedly was my relaxing and fun term in my opinion. However, I was proved wrong and am kind of surprised with the outcome and how current things are going. Nevertheless since this is my first time ever having such a curriculum, I am confident the next time such a term ever comes again, I will be prepared. Cut shot about my ranting and etc about how tiresome and exhausting term 3 is, I’ll touch more about some of the other interesting happenings that had just happened.

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