The Urge to Buy

Impulse purchases; how many of you are victims of such a problem? I’m the sort of person that has the mentality of “must buy because it is cheap”.  Sad but true. Give me a substantial discount and I’ll throw my money right at you. I’ve made three recent purchases, all on impulse and 2 of them, having looked back, made me face palmed real hard. The third one, which I just purchased today, might just be the deal of the year for me (assuming it works out right).

I’ll let you guys know more about the third purchase real soon. Need to do some testing, some migration and some monitoring. Hopefully it will at least maintain what I currently have. It is a heck of a deal if they deliver whatever promise. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Don't You Just Love Discounts

[photo by: najeebkhan2009 via flickr]

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