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Funny interesting new innovative creative sporty and everything that is nice to see. Basically videos that interest me so much that I think it may appeal to you as well.

Shii – Women’s Wii

Very sterotypical video but nonetheless hilarious. Might be offending to the female gender but please do take it lightly as it is just for fun and laughter. I in no sense find that women are only capable of doing such things as many have proven to be much more capable than men.

The video is done up by a Belgium comedy group I guess. Have fun watching.

Green Box: Pizza Box Transformer

It is EARTH week and that is the way pizza boxes should be designed. Saves the cleaning, uses the materials effectively and gives buyer convenience of keeping.

Now it just lies on whether Pizza selling companies would want to design their boxes in such manner where it can be easily torn and separated into plates and for keeping. – Bloggers’ Social Network

I’ve heard of MyBlogLog and blogcatalog before but never really had the motivation to sign up for either one of them. Webmasters and bloggers alike all recommend them for they bring people of similar interest together and so on. This thus results in making friends as well as having an increase of traffic. I don’t really know if they are similar to that of BloggerUnited but they all have that widget bar thingy to show you users that have just visited the site etc. BloggerUnited is a rather new startup, currently in Continue reading