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BoxWave PSP Accessories Review

BoxWave PSP Accessories Review Header

Around three weeks back, I made a post informing you readers that some PSP accessories are on their way to my house for reviewing. And they did come a week after I made that post. The review however was delayed due to the fact that my PSP was under servicing (its spoilt). Still, I am glad that the servicing was done a few days back and that now I have the time to do a proper review on the accessories I received.

All of the different products that are going to be reviewed

I ordered/requested, for 5 different products, 4 of which are specially made for the PSP and one for general use. To be honest with you people, out of all 5 of them, I am only satisfied with 2. This review will tell you why I dislike the rest, and why I like the others.

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Incoming BoxWave Products

BoxWave.com is a site that sells accessories mainly for mobile devices and even portable gaming consoles. From protective screens to add-ons for the PSP (Playstation Portable) it is a must for people who want to maximize their experience with their different gadgets. The products sold are not too pricey, average in my opinion. Quality etc is yet to be known as I have yet to receive the products I have been offered. Yes that is right, I am about to give a review on their different products that interests me. (They are sending it to me for free. How sweet. My second so far, first goes to the PQ Talking Software, free commercial product review.) These are the products that actually interests me the most (I have none of the phones that is compatible with their accessories. However I do have a PSP and thus all products that I chose are for the PSP):
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