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iPhone Stack the Countries Review

Stack the Countries is developed by the same person who did the other educational games like Rocket Math and Stack the States. If you’ve played Stack the States, Stack the Countries is the exact same thing but with a focus on an international global scale rather than just the states within the United States of America. Anyways, Stack the Countries is an educational game that is designed to teach children, or rather players, about the different countries around the world. You get to learn about the different capitals, the major landmarks and unique features of that particular country. Continue reading

Stack the States Pinch and Rodger the Racoon iPhone Games Review

roundup5featuredimageIn this iPhone games review round-up, I have a variety of games to show you. They range from educational puzzle games to an app that teaches you or rather amuse you with foul language. Stack the States is an interesting educational game which teaches you about the different states within the United States. Pinch on the other hand is a puzzle game that requires players to think and plan in order to succeed. Lastly, Rodger the Racoon is an app that amuses you with some foul sentences and phrases. Read on a more detailed look at each game an app. Continue reading