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Stack the Countries is developed by the same person who did the other educational games like Rocket Math and Stack the States. If you’ve played Stack the States, Stack the Countries is the exact same thing but with a focus on an international global scale rather than just the states within the United States of America. Anyways, Stack the Countries is an educational game that is designed to teach children, or rather players, about the different countries around the world. You get to learn about the different capitals, the major landmarks and unique features of that particular country.Stack the Countries Stack


The learning comes in the form of mini quizzes and mini games. The one mini-game that is unlocked from the very start is the Stacking mini-game. Players will have to answer multiple choice questions and when answered correctly, you get a piece of that country to stack. You will then have to answer enough questions to stack the different countries up to a certain height. Questions come in a rather general form like (insert capital here) is the capital of which country, the (famous landmark) is found within which country etc. It gives you very general knowledge but is good enough for you to know about the different countries around the world.Stack the Countries Collection 2


When you have successfully completed a level, you get to earn a country to put in your collection. Collect enough to unlock the other mini-games and when all games are unlock, collect to fill up that empty world map that you can view from the main screen. You can also learn about the different countries mainly the capital, the languages spoken, border countries, landmarks and major cities.Stack the Countries Collection


The other mini-games Map it and Pile Up also helps you learn more about the different countries in the world. Map it is a game where you are given a country and you are to locate its position in that particular continent. Pile Up is the game where you have to constantly tap the correct country the game wants you to before the countries get piled all the way up. The game allows you to select specific continents to be played with and the types of questions to be asked. These customizations are kind of cool if you want to just learn more about one particular continent.Stack the Countries Pile Up


The game graphics and sound looks fun and blends in extremely well with the educational theme of the game. What I feel is lacking from the game is the absence of fun facts of each of the countries. Yes the game do give you an idea of the capitals of the different countries, the landmarks etc. What I would look forward to is to know more about the interesting facts of each country. It will also be nice to have more pictures of the different landmarks and more information about them. As of now it does its job well, educating about the geographical positioning of the countries and it skims the surface of facts of each country. However, it just isn’t enough for me. It gets a bit repetitive and boring thus I feel the need for some interesting and fun facts to keep people playing.Stack the Countries


For the price of $1.99 the game is a good game to get for your kids or for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about the world and the different countries. It is highly educational with a bit of fun value tagged along with it. If you’re looking for just some fun, I don’t think the game is for you. If you’re looking to learn, then Stack the Countries is definitely there to give you a fun learning experience.

iTunes Appstore Link: Stack the Countries ($1.99)

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