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Xigmatek XAF Series 140mm Fan Review

The Xigmatek XAF series of fans features a new wave like blade technology that is promoted and claimed by XIgmatek themselves to be able to push more air while still maintaining a relatively quiet operation. Is this new technology simply a gimmick or does it really work? Read on to watch a video unboxing and review or to simply find out how the fan performs! Continue reading

NZXT FX 120 & 140mm Enthusiast Fan Review

NZXT is a brand that is a brand that often is associated with sleek design and simply eye pleasing stuff. Don’t judge a book by its cover right? Exactly, not only does NZXT produce stuff that are great on the outside, the inner performance of their products shine as well. Take for example the recent NZXT Phantom as well as their other great cases such as the Lexa S, simply gorgeous and not at all lacking performance wise. Today I have with me a rather new product from them, the NZXT FX Enthusiast Fans. If I’m not wrong this is one of the few reviews out there at this point of writing. Read on for my take on the fans. Continue reading