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Interstellar Marines Running Man Released

AAA Indie game Interstellar Marines: Running Man by Zero Point Software was released on the 7th of July. They are inviting you, the gamers, to try it out for free! The game is basically an AAA, Sci-fi FPS game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism. The game currently under development for the PC is planned to be a Trilogy and targets the audience aged 17 and above. Continue reading

Rise of The Triad iPhone Review

Rise of the Triad (RoTT) was ported over to the iPhone and iPod Touch just this month. It is a retro styled first person shooter that plays like earlier FPS games such as DOOM, Duke and Wolfenstein. I haven’t played much of retro FPSes but I do remember DOOM being a really fun game back then. Didn’t hear much of RoTT except that it was supposedly a sequel or expansion to that of Wolfenstein 3D. Continue reading