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The Story of the New Graphics Cards

If you’ve followed my stories, you’ve known that I’ve recently purchased a whole new computer except for the graphics card. This in other words meant that I bought a nice shirt, a nice pants, a nice pair of shoes, funky socks and an awesome pair of sunglasses. However, my undergarment is 3 years old it is starting to itch. I’ve not gotten a graphics card due to the thinking that its price would drop (definitely would) and that I would get a good price for a good card in the near future. It wasn’t too much into the future (Good Friday 10/4/09) that I’ve purchased a graphics card due to some kind of promotion/offer. ¬†Also on that day (Good Friday), my cousin’s uncle told me that he had a spare card for it couldn’t work on his Starhub free computer. That itself acts as an catalyse for the purchase of a new card. Continue reading