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Repurpose a Capo as an Elegant Headphone Stand

the capo headphone stand in action

There are many things that can be used as headphone stands. For people who do not want to spend the time to DIY a headphone stand or the money for those overly priced retail stands, repurposing common objects as stands works perfectly fine. Examples of objects used are Banana Stands, hooks and all kinds of surfaces that allow you to rest your headphones on. Sometimes these solutions are aesthetically unpleasant, sometimes they simply do not work as well. I have come up with an idea (at least I haven’t seen anyone doing it or talk about it) of repurposing a guitar capo as a clamp on kind of stand. Read on for some pictures and a video that explains more about it.

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BoxWave PSP Accessories Review

BoxWave PSP Accessories Review Header

Around three weeks back, I made a post informing you readers that some PSP accessories are on their way to my house for reviewing. And they did come a week after I made that post. The review however was delayed due to the fact that my PSP was under servicing (its spoilt). Still, I am glad that the servicing was done a few days back and that now I have the time to do a proper review on the accessories I received.

All of the different products that are going to be reviewed

I ordered/requested, for 5 different products, 4 of which are specially made for the PSP and one for general use. To be honest with you people, out of all 5 of them, I am only satisfied with 2. This review will tell you why I dislike the rest, and why I like the others.

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