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New Star Soccer 5 Review

New Star Soccer (NSS), a series that left me with much fond memories. I remembered reviewing the previous game a few years ago; NSS 4 was brilliant and so was NSS 3. NSS is a soccer/football simulation game where you play the life of a footballer. Whether you become a legend later solely depends on your skills and the way you manage your career and life. Back then the game offered something different from your bigger developers such as EA Sports and Konami with their FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) franchises respectively. Both of those games didn’t have a player simulation mode then. However in their recent few releases, Be a Pro (BAP) and Become A Legend (BAL) are modes that are well polished and provide much fun. With that said, how does NSS 5 fair against the big guns? Continue reading

PC Academagia Review

Academagia: The Making of Mages is an indie title by Black Chicken Studios. It is a life simulation game where it puts players into a situation of a young growing wizard. It plays as a text-based game with a Harry Potter like theme. In fact, the similarities between the Harry Potter world and that of Academagia are plentiful. Many concepts, ideas etc within the game can be seen in parallel to that of the Harry Potter series. If you are in love with the fantasy wizard and magician world, Academagia might be the perfect match for you. Continue reading

Stranded Without a Phone Review

Stranded Without a Phone is a puzzle RPG simulation liked game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It plays a little like the Sims with a touch of puzzle elements such as combining items and stuff as well as RPG elements such as efficiency in hunting and so on. If you are going hunting make sure to bring your best rifle and your spotting scope. I love simulation games and Stranded Without a Phone is no doubt a rather interesting and addictive game. It is now out for $1.99 at your local Appstore. Continue reading