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BoxWave PSP Accessories Review

BoxWave PSP Accessories Review Header

Around three weeks back, I made a post informing you readers that some PSP accessories are on their way to my house for reviewing. And they did come a week after I made that post. The review however was delayed due to the fact that my PSP was under servicing (its spoilt). Still, I am glad that the servicing was done a few days back and that now I have the time to do a proper review on the accessories I received.

All of the different products that are going to be reviewed

I ordered/requested, for 5 different products, 4 of which are specially made for the PSP and one for general use. To be honest with you people, out of all 5 of them, I am only satisfied with 2. This review will tell you why I dislike the rest, and why I like the others.

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