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Raging Over Video Games

We’ve all seen videos capturing gamers’ rage. Some of such videos showcase the smashing of keyboards, the screaming at a lifeless monitor screen, the verbal abuse and vulgarities galore and many many more. My god have I been raging lately over video games as well. There are some games that I take quite seriously as I play them somewhat amateurishly competitively. One of them that is making me burn like mad is the game from slotzo, I just can’t get over it. No it is not the game that is screwing up, it is more like the backend hardware technicalities behind the game that is causing all the rage. Continue reading

Be Careful of Singapore Sony Playstation Service Center (Their Reply)

Too bad I ain’t that influential enough for one of the PR guys to respond to me. Oh well, at least they did reply to my support ticket that I send to them. Within it I did put a link to the article that explains the situation in detail. Knowing that they will not give a damn at all, I gave a brief write-up of the situation I am facing. Guess what they’re response is? Read on to find out how they dealt with a complaining customer. Continue reading

Be Careful of Singapore Sony Playstation Service Center

Here is the very brief outline of whatever that has happened. A few months back, my Playstation 3 (PS3) encountered a rather common problem, the yellow light of death (YLOD). The playstation just would not boot up, giving beeps and a yellow light after that. The first thing came into my mind was to bring it to the service center to see the problem. After a few weeks, they called and told us their diagnosis, the motherboard had failed. Changing the motherboard would set us back over $200, a price which we decided was not worth to pay. Went to the service center, got back my PS3 after paying for their initial diagnosis. Fair enough, brought it back home and never tried to on it again. Today, I’ve just discovered (Yes how stupid I am to not know this in the first place) a probable fix for the YLOD. Tried to turn on the PS3 and to my horror, there was no power at all. No light, no nothing. How? From a PS3 that had lights and beeping, to a dead black brick (after their “servicing”/”diagnosis”). Continue reading