Raging Over Video Games

We’ve all seen videos capturing gamers’ rage. Some of such videos showcase the smashing of keyboards, the screaming at a lifeless monitor screen, the verbal abuse and vulgarities galore and many many more. My god have I been raging lately over video games as well. There are some games that I take quite seriously as I play them somewhat amateurishly competitively. One of them that is making me burn like mad is the game from slotzo, I just can’t get over it. No it is not the game that is screwing up, it is more like the backend hardware technicalities behind the game that is causing all the rage.

So you see I’ve played the multiplayer modes and decided to go for the ranked ones. While I’m no pro gamer earning a living off just playing games, ranking results in some form of competitiveness to be formed. Yeah, I do care about that win lose ratio and it makes me mad whenever I lose, without proper reason. I do get angry when I lose, even if it is to a genuinely better player. Hey, who likes losing? But this kind of anger doesn’t stay and it slowly lingers away. I accept the fact that there are players (many in fact) much better than me but I accept it with some kind of frustration and rage. Now what causes me to go crazy (not to the point of hurling my controller or the keyboard) is unreasonable means of losing.

You see, in Fifa 13 there is this mode called Ultimate Team. There are these matches in the “Season” mode which you play to get coins and packs if you ultimately win it. I was on form, on fire, destroying everyone (except for 1 whom I drew) resulting in a 6 wins 1 draw and no losses. So I had 3 games left and all I needed was 1 win to win the season. Winning the season matters because it gives you a huge bonus amount of coins. My winning percentage then was something of 65%? Not great but that meant that statistically I should be able to win at least 1 out of the 3. So off I went playing the next match feeling confident. In the next match, I met a player with a team that is remarkably better than mine. So I managed to score first. And then held on to the lead before extending it by 2 more goals before the match ended. It was intense, and I’ve used much concentration and energy playing against that opponent. I won, and here comes the big reward, or so I thought.

Went on the summary menu where it shows the different statistics of the match. And then as I was about to go claim my glory by pressing the next button, a pop out appeared. It says that I was disconnected from the server. Oh wow, simply wow. My internet connection was still up, was still logged on to the PSN network but I got disconnected. Went back to the main screen, told me that if I were to leave games and disconnect I’ll be facing a penalty in the following matches. Now, I’ll stay refined and composed here to not rage with vulgarities. But OH MY GOD, WHAT THE. Alright, stay cool, stay cool. It is just one lost. This should be a one time thing right? NO. HELL NO. Next match, met another amazing player with an amazing team. On my way to draw and BAM; smacked right into my face, “You have been disconnected”. Holy feces. Now at this point of time I’m screaming the f word, the b word, the a to z words at my lifeless monitor. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw the controller. So yeah, that’s about it. Just wanted to let out my frustrations and rant about it. I’m left with just 1 more match to go and I’ll only be playing that in a few hours later.

For now, FOR THE LOVE OF FIFA, FIX THAT DAMN CONNECTION EA. Holy crap. I’m still feeling so damn angry.

[photo by paultgg]

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