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sgBeat – Singapore Twitter

sgBeat LogoYet another local service has popped out. This time, it is a twitter clone. It works and serves the purpose of twitter. Of course, sgBeat caters mostly to the Singaporean users and its aims are that of introducing twitter to the Singapore netizens. Basically sgBeat is a twitter clone which links to twitter. Instead of “twitting”, you “beat” like how your heart would. I guess it means that you can write whatever you are feeling at that very moment so on and so forth. Instead of being a bird, you become a heart. How cool is that! Features are exactly similar to that of twitter with nothing out of the ordinary except the fact that by “beating” at sgBeat you have the ability to send that to twitter as well. This is rather smart in my opinion as Singaporean users will have little to complain or anything as sgBeat would serve as yet another twitter cilent thereabouts while giving them the ability to communicate with local twitters.
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PC Spider-Man Friend or Foe Review

[singlepic=15,160,120,,right]You can play as spidey’s enemies or spidey himself. However, is this enough to please the fans or gamers? Well for me, Spider-Man Friend or Foe is just not up to the mark. Simplistic storyline plus repetitive gameplay makes the game simply a flock. In addition, the difficulty of the game is just too easy. Features of Co-Op play and versus modes are present but still, these modes and additional features are just passable and can be overlooked without needing to feel any sense of regret. Luckily the sound effects, music etc and voice-acting help to improve the game and thus making me give it a passing mark.

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